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Benefits and Features of our online portal access:

  • Web based, which means less log in errors and faster connections

  • Ability to assign a single administrator with capability to administer user name and passwords

  • One touch navigation will easily guide you through the system

  • Ability to download images and report directly to your desktop

  • Labeled tabs will eliminate having to access a variety of ports when viewing accounts and documents 

  • Encrypted data at rest

  • Standard and customized report are easily accessible

  • File Claims and upload claim documents online

  • Direct link to (NTS) login

All Lenders Insurance Services Exchange

We strive to bring you the latest and most up to date software there is to offer. (ALISX), a web based secure system with an intuitive windows interface that was designed specifically for lending institutions, loan/mortgage servicers, and real estate investors.


Those who are switching from our RDS portal and now moving to ALISX, we have a couple pointers that should make the transition a simple one.

  • On RDS you had to use domain\username, but with ALISX, you do not use domain\ before the username. If you forget and use the domain you will get an error, "invalid user"

  • Both username and passwords are case sensitive 

  • After we send you the instructions with your credentials and you login for the first time, you will be forced to change your password. We do not store your password locally, so if you forget your password, email or call support and we will change it for you 

  • Training is performed by WebEx as well as onsite training is available 

  • ALISX is cross browser friendly 

  • All training and additional training needed will always be included in your program

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