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Our People Make the Difference   

CP Team members
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  • Premium and refund support

  • Accounts Receivable / Payable

  • Automation of refunds twice weekly

  • ACH processing Debits / Credits at no cost to lenders

  • Produce month end reports

  • Invoices for specific related services


  • Three levels of optional escrow services

  • Compliance driven integration

  • Generate notices and certificates

  • Automatic coverage (E&O) provided

  • Weekly escrow batch reports

  • Import files available to assist in escrow analysis

Insurance Service Center

  • Answer incoming calls regarding the borrowers insurance

  • Update insurance documentation

  • Validate insurance policies according to the clients' criteria

  • Generate standard and Customized notices and reports for the client


  • Implementation of tracked portfolio

  • Onsite or remote capability for documentation upload

  • Step by step training onsite or remote

  • Navigation support of AlisX


  • Inspection appointment set within forty-eight hours

  • Automobile average claim settled within ten days of being reported

  • Online status of claims available

  • Our adjusters assign the claim to local appraisers in your area

Information Processing

  • Process encrypted data files
  • Web Portal support

  • Daily Insurance / EDI processed

  • Exporting and processing reports

  • FTPS for file upload and retrieval

  • Provide back feed files

  • Daily support on all aspects

Lender Services

  • Provide customer service and problem resolution to the clients 

  • Review loan data to verify accuracy 

  • Quality review and edit of notices and reports 

  • Process and distribution of notices according to client specific guidelines

  • Review standard and customized reports generated for the client

  • Web-based training 

Client Support Services

  • Provide processing and data entry for client businesses

  • Documentation management on behalf of third parties

  • Provide customer service and call support on clients behalf

  • Provide technology services to clients for their businesses

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