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CP Reinsurance Division

CP Reinsurance allows our clients to increase profits, increase bottom line, control risk, and participate in profit maximization. A reinsurance provides protection for any given loss, and it is controlled by the dealer.


Let us help you turn your valuable inventory into a new profit center.

Our Experience

Helping you predict and manage risk.

Over 25 years ago CPIA created a Collateral Protection Insurance program for the BHPH industry. During this period, we established the ability to efficiently analyze the portfolio you require insurance on. We are an approved claims administrator with fully licensed adjusters capable of handling all BHPH claims. CPIA is the ONLY CPI provider whose founders were car dealers and auto insurance providers to the BHPH marketplace.

This unique blend of information and experience allowed us to invent one of the most profitable programs for the independent auto dealer. 


Our program is designed specifically for Buy Here Pay Here dealers & lienholders. With the borrower’s consent, the program provides the ability to purchase comprehensive and collision insurance at the inception of the vehicle closing, typically at a lower cost. This can also be used by dealers & lienholders as lender placed insurance if the borrower fails to maintain their insurance as required by the retail installment contract.



CP Insurance Associates also has an Equipment Insurance Program specifically designed for Lenders & Leasing Companies who specialize in financing “Equipment”. The equipment insured is typically medical equipment for cosmetic purposes used in a wide range of medical facilities.


Any entity that takes a loan or leases specialty equipment has to provide proof of insurance for the period of time the equipment is financed. In our program, we provide the ability and convenience for the borrower or lessee to purchase Physical Damage and General Liability Coverage at the inception of the finance contract (loan or lease) at closing, typically at a lower cost, and with expedited coverage issuance.


CPIA captive reinsured insurance programs are created for various types of business financing equipment, self-storage operations, and tax lien funding companies.  The versality of the program is extensive and the categories of business that may qualify for captive coverage are extensive. Captives replace traditional insurance programs and typically create lucrative new profit centers for participants.


Our Reinsurance Team

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