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CP Financial Services

On December 1, 2022, CP Insurance Associates (CPIA) entered into a definitive agreement with Independent Bankers Association of Texas (IBAT) to partner in the delivery of bank insurance products for community banks in Texas and beyond. With the acquisition of the IBAT Financial Services business, CPIA is now uniquely situated to meet the insurance needs of community banks. For this reason, Independent Bankers Association of Texas has agreed to endorse CP Insurance Associates for a portfolio that includes several of its current product and service offerings.

Coverages Offered

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Financial institutions of all types face unique risks in their daily operations due to comprehensive regulatory guidelines. They must have risk management protocols, information security strategies, and specialized liability insurance in place. Financial institutions have increasingly become more dependent on electronic data to extend services to their clients. Information technology has transformed the logistics of conducting business, from electronic transfer of assets to personalized financial services. Data breaches, loss, or theft of personal identity is now one of the leading risks financial firms face today.

Our Team

J. Daniel Caskey

EVP of Financial Services

800-366-0036 x 

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Connie Tolles

EVP of CP Financial Services


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Valerie Ure

Senior Account Executive


Kristen Cupit

Account Manager


Bea Vargas 2020 Hi Res.jpg
Beatrice Vargas

Administrative Assistant


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